Egypt Prosperity Fund: Call for Bids – deadline 11 June

The British Embassy in Cairo is pleased to announce the opening of a call for bids for the Egypt Skills for Prosperity Programme. This programme is being delivered in eight countries, and is part of the Global Skills Programme under the UK Government’s Prosperity Fund.

The deadline to submit bids to Prosperity Programme Team is 11 June.


The Egypt Skills for Prosperity Programme provides £8 million in funding over 3-years, until 2023. The programme focuses on three strands of work:

  1. Equity – Promote equitable access to higher education particularly for low-income youth, young people with disabilities, and young women from poor communities who wish to pursue further studies at public universities in underrepresented subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).
  2. Quality – Improve the soft skills ecosystem within public universities by equipping undergraduates, and post-graduates with in-demand and employability skills.
  3. Relevance – Work with the British and Egyptian industry to improve the pathways of transition from higher education to employment, particularly in STEM careers, for the target groups outlined above.

The proposed impact of Egypt Skills for Prosperity is increased capacity for inclusive economic growth due to improved employability skills, employment opportunities, labour market access and productivity of priority target beneficiaries. This impact is linked to the overall objectives of the UK Government’s Prosperity fund to reduce poverty and promote inclusive economic growth.

Interested organisations are expected to achieve three main interlinked outcomes: support equitable supply and access to higher education, improved skills set for target beneficiaries, and improved pathways of transition from higher education to employment corresponding to the three identified strands of work.

The Egypt Skills for Prosperity Programme, with its three strands of work, will be delivered by a consortium of partners with relevant expertise. All organisations are welcome to bid or form part of a bidding consortium. In particular, we encourage non-profit organisations and multilateral agencies to consider leading or joining a consortium. All lead organisations will need to clearly specify partner organisations within their consortium in the bid.

Bidders need to submit:

  1. Programme proposal with a maximum page limit of 30 pages – not including annexes and supporting documents – (enclosed is an example template (MS Word Document, 43KB), but bidders are welcome to use their own proposal templates)
  2. Activity based budget- ABB (enclosed budget template (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 476KB), cost guidance (PDF, 230KB, 10 pages), and Accountable Grant Costs (PDF, 206KB, 4 pages))
  3. For a full list and further information on requirements, eligibility, and evaluation criteria, please see the call for bids document (PDF, 655KB, 9 pages), which includes a bidding and evaluation process timeline.

All documents to be submitted to by 11 June.

For enquiries or information, please contact the Egypt Skills for Prosperity Programme Manager:

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