Funding Call: The Humanities and Social Sciences Tackling Global Challenges Programme 2020

The British Academy is inviting proposals from researchers in the humanities and social sciences, in collaboration with those in other disciplines where appropriate, wishing to undertake problem-focused, interdisciplinary research projects aiming to enhance our understanding and response to global challenges.

The purpose of each project will be to bring original interdisciplinary research ideas to bear on our understanding of the challenges and opportunities which people, cultures, societies, and economies in the Global South are facing and / or will face.

Projects should aim to enhance our understanding and response to global challenges related to: 

  • Cities, urbanisation, urban settlements, (in)formality, urban living and practices, urban governance, urban infrastructure.
  • Conflict, peace, (in)security, human dignity, violence, disasters, risk, crisis, fragility.
  • Education, learning, early childhood, children, youth.

There will be no priority given to research related to COVID-19, however, understandably given the current situation, the Academy warmly welcomes applications focused on COVID-19. COVID-19, and infectious diseases more broadly, know no borders and the profound social and economic challenges it poses indicate a clear need for research in the humanities and the social sciences. 

The Academy particularly encourages applications with a strong humanities focus and / or methodologies.

Eligibility Requirements 
This call is open to researchers based at eligible UK universities and research institutions. The main applicant must be active in a discipline within the humanities or social sciences, and either be in a permanent position or have a fixed-term contract for the duration of the award. Equitable international collaboration is required to be detailed in any application and the Academy requires collaboration with institutions and partners in the Global South. Applications must demonstrate fully how researchers from the Global South will be involved as equal partners in the research proposed.

All projects must be ODA-eligible. Only proposals which aim to support the economic development and welfare of countries on the OECD DAC list will be supported under this call.

Value and Duration
Awards of up to £50,000 and for 24 months in duration are available. The British Academy welcomes submissions at all levels of funding up to £50,000, including below £10,000. All projects must begin before 15 March 2021.

Application Process
Applications must be submitted online using the British Academy’s Grant Management System (GMS), Flexi-Grant®.

The deadline for submissions and UK institutional approval is Wednesday 1 July 2020 (17.00 UK time).

Contact details
Please contact for further information.

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