SDGs Today – SDG Data Hub Launched

​The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has launched an open-access data platform called ‘SDGs Today’, creating a virtual space where key stakeholders from around the world can access and engage with data on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Created in partnership with Esri and National Geographic, the platform provides information on how we develop solutions to global sustainability issues by providing timely data (updated annually or in more frequent intervals) on the SDGs. The platform also hosts guidance on how individuals can use the data effectively via GIS training and education resources, and supports countries and other institutions to produce, share, and engage with the data to help ensure that we meet the global goals by 2030.

The data sets published are derived from a variety of sources and cover topics across each of the SDGS, including food security, water supply, population data and the effects of COVID-19. Each data set has a specific ‘marker’ indicating how often it is updated and it is hoped that the information will be used as a baseline for collaboration between stakeholders, including researcher organisations engaged in the development agenda.

Further information on the SDGs and their relevance to European R&I can be found in a dedicated UKRO factsheet.


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