Pre-announcement: Future of UK Treescapes programme – call for proposals

Call opens: mid-August 2020

UKRI (AHRC, NERC and ESRC) will shortly be inviting proposals for grants as part of the Future of UK Treescapes programme. The call will support grants that address one or more of the programme’s themes:

Theme 1: Forms, functions and values of UK Treescapes

Theme 2: Opportunities, barriers and pathways for expansion of UK Treescapes

Theme 3: Resilience of UK Treescapes to global change

Proposals must take an interdisciplinary approach bringing together arts and humanities researchers, environmental scientists, social scientists and, economists to form substantial research collaborations.

Proposals can request up to £2m (80% FEC) over 36 months. The funders anticipate supporting up to six projects.

For more information please see: Future of UK Treescapes

AHRC will be holding an online workshop in late-September 2020. Further details of the event will be released when the full call is launched.

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