UK Climate Resilience Programme – Living with Climate Uncertainty – Research Grants Call


UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is inviting proposals to their third funding opportunity through the UK Climate Resilience programme, funded through the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) Wave 1.

The UK Climate Resilience programme is a £18.6 million collaboration between UKRI and the Met Office which aims to draw together fragmented climate research and expertise and deliver robust, multi- and inter-disciplinary climate risk and adaptation research to ensuring the UK is resilient to climate variability and change and powerfully positioned to exploit the opportunities of adaptation and green growth.

Funding of up to £1 million is available to support research proposals of up to 24 months in duration. At least three proposals will be funded up to the value of £330,000 (at 80% FEC) each. Applications are anticipated to be led by arts and humanities colleagues but to include researchers from the natural, physical, engineering, health, and social sciences where appropriate.

We anticipate the funded projects will raise awareness of what it means to work with uncertainty to build climate resilience in the real world and deliver useful knowledge (narratives, learning histories, case studies, film and other material) to further inform practices and behaviours that build confidence in practical approaches to living with uncertainty and community and environmental resilience building.

Full details are available in the Call Document under ‘Further Information’ below.

Town Hall Meeting

Monday 16 December 2019, Broadway House, Central London 10:30-16:00.

The town hall meeting aims to further communicate the remit and objectives of the programme, the specific requirements of the Living with Climate Uncertainty call and bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines with interests in climate impacts and resilience in the UK. Attendance to the meeting is not mandatory for applicants of the call.

If you wish to attend, please complete the online Smart Survey at The closing date for applications is 17:00 on Wednesday 11 December 2019.

Closing Dates

Closing Date: 27/02/2020

How to make an application

Applications should be submitted through the Je-S system at the latest by 16:00 on Thursday 27 February 2020, and will need to go through the appropriate institution submission process. Please contact to express your interest.

Full details are available in the Call Document under ‘Further Information’ below. as well as on the UKRI website

Further Information

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