Grantcraft Workshops – November 2019

Traps, Tricks & Techniques (3Ts) – Designed for colleagues with a clear research idea and potential funder in mind – (Open to all colleges)

13th November – Docklands, Knowledge Dock (KD Zone 3)

GrantCraft’s Tricks, Traps and Techniques workshop will provide an overview of the art of writing research funding applications. This workshop will enable you to:

1) Be able to identify the key components of a research proposal and explain the role and importance of each
2) Be able to explain some of the tricks and techniques that can be used to generate a competitive research proposal and how to avoid common traps
3) To have developed an initial outline of your project’s rationale and over-arching objective.
4) In addition to focusing on a specific research idea during the workshop, you will be supported to develop a longer-term strategic research plan.

This workshop is targeted at colleagues with a clear research idea and funder in mind. To see further workshops such as this which offer more general support please check the Research and Enterprise calendar.

Location: Docklands Campus, Knowledge Dock, Ground Floor Zone 3

To book follow this link:

Grantcraft one-to-one surgeries (3 slots remaining)

These one-to-one surgeries are an opportunity for you to discuss your research ideas and begin to shape them into a proposal aimed at a specific funder.

Grantcraft have been contracted by the university to work closely with Research Development Support (ReDS) to offer specialist, personalised support for grant writing and strategic bid development.

About Grantcraft – “Grantcraft are a specialist consultancy with 25 years of experience working in “the Business of Research”. Our team work with academics from institutions across Europe and the UK, writing, optimising, and supporting funding applications. Our tailored support approach is specifically designed to meet the needs of our academic partners in order to make their applications more competitive, as evidenced by our average success rate of between 1 in 2 and 1 in 3 across all funding bodies.”

Before booking a place, please ensure you have discussed with your Director of Research.

If you have any draft outline text or a Grant Initiation Form prepared in advance please share with ahead of your session and bring along on the day. Draft text can include a brief outline of your research area, the type of funding you are looking for, or whether you have a funding opportunity in mind already.

Please note that sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis. There is only space for one person per time slot. If you do not have a confirmed booking you will not be seen. Any cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel without valid reason after this time or do not show up to your appointment your school/service will be charged a £50 fee.

Only 3 slots are remaining – To book follow this link:

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