Commission Proposes Additional €100 Million for Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ in 2019

Following an agreement between the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers on the EU’s 2019 budget reached back in December, the European Commission has now proposed to add €100 million to the 2019 budgets of Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+. The previously agreed annual budgets for both programmes amounted to €12.3 billion and €2.8 billion respectively.

Of the additional €100 million, €80 million is expected to go to Horizon 2020 and will contribute to the ambitious target of devoting 35% of the programme’s total budget to climate-related research. The remaining €20 million will support Erasmus+, in particular the creation of European Universities, a new EU initiative and cornerstone of the European Education Area. 

The proposal still needs to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

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