ICIS Seminar Seminar at UCL IoE – 24th May, 5.30-7.00

‘Citizenship and Interculturality’ – International Centre for Intercultural Studies Seminar 2:

Profs. Paul Morris & Hugh Starkey  https://twitter.com/kimterri/status/993239093847969792 

Thursday 24 May 2018, 5.30-7.00 pm – UCL Institute of Education, Room 675, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H OAL

‘Constructing, Measuring and Comparing Global Citizens: towards Universal values or Global Governance’

Professor Paul Morris

The OECD claims that in those nations that do well on PISA tests, their pupils also demonstrate a greater sense of global citizenship. Accordingly, the next PISA test will also measure the ‘Global Competencies’ of the 15 year olds who take the test, and we can anticipate that when the results are released in 2019 the levels of performance of nations will be linked to those competencies. This paper will critically examine the rationale for, and the means and implications of, the OECD’s measurement of ‘Global Competencies’.

Paul Morris is Professor of Comparative Education at IOE, UCL. Previously he worked at the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Education (now Education University of Hong Kong) where he was President from 2000 to 2007. He was formerly a Co-Editor of Compare and is now on the Editorial Board of Comparative Education.


‘Cosmopolitan Citizenship and Language Learning’ 

Professor Hugh Starkey

Language teachers and citizenship educators have much to learn from each other. Both may promote single national identities. Globalisation, migration and multilingualism have profoundly challenged this since flexible and multiple identities are the norm. If citizenship and language educators promote the international they encourage a diplomatic perspective where speakers are ascribed a single national identity. Education for cosmopolitan citizenship shifts the focus to intercultural interactions between people as complex, not as representatives of a national state.

Hugh Starkey is Professor of Citizenship Education at UCL Institute of Education, London. He researches and has published widely on language teaching, intercultural education and education for human rights and social justice in a globalising world. He has acted as consultant to Council of Europe, UNESCO, European Commission and the British Council.


RSVP: Dr. Terri Kim (terri.kim@ucl.ac.uk; t.c.kim@uel.ac.uk); Dr. Leslie Bash (l.bash@ucl.ac.uk), ICIS: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/ioe/departments-centres/centres/international-centre-for-intercultural-studies

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