VR/AR workshop to share ideas and discuss possible cross-disciplinary collaborations – Thursday 15th February 10.00 a.m. – Docklands

In order to prepare ourselves for future bids for virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) related research funding we have organised a VR/AR workshop with GrantCraft to be held at the Docklands Campus on Thursday 15th February at 10.00 a.m.  There are still 4 spaces available for any academic who has not already booked on a first come first serve basis by contacting ReDS at reds@uel.ac.uk

I’m sure that many colleagues are already familiar with the potential of VR and AR technologies in their subject area and how that potential may crossover with other disciplines. In the computer sciences, for example, researchers have developed new interfaces that navigate simulations of real world experiences. In media and film researchers are working with AR and VR to explore new possibilities in narrative and documentary as well as new understandings of virtual experiences. In psychology researchers are working with VR assisted assessment and therapy and the neurosciences are exploiting VR’s compatibility with imaging technology (e.g. fMRI) to record changes in brain activity experienced through virtual sensory stimulation.

Drawing on UEL’s current subject expertise we hope to stimulate some great cross-disciplinary collaborative project ideas that will favourably position our research in the future.

Once the positions have been filled this advert will be taken down and spaces no longer available.

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