Henry Moore Foundation: Conferences, lectures and publications grants – Deadlines throughout 2018

The Henry Moore Foundation invites applications for its conferences, lectures and publications grants. These support conferences, lectures and publications in sculpture.

Grants are worth up to £5,000 each


Deadline information Deadlines on: 1 March 2018, 24 May 2018, 13 September 2018, 11 December 2018.

Henry Moore Grants support exhibitions, exhibition catalogues, commissions, conferences, research, post-doctoral research fellowships, publications, and the development of collections through acquisitions, conservation, cataloguing and display.

Applications are assessed in terms of their:

  • development of the study of sculpture
  • contribution to the public awareness and understanding of sculpture
  • encouragement of new thinking in sculpture, including the history of sculpture
  • artistic quality
  • careful financial management

Please observe the following guidelines in your application:

  • In the case of exhibitions, we will only consider applications where the full list of artists is confirmed.
  • In the case of publications and conferences, we will only consider applications where the full list of contributors is confirmed; and in the case of publications, an outline distribution plan must be submitted.
  • We consider applications covering projects of varying scales, but only support organisations. Applications from individuals are only accepted when applying for a Research and Travel Grant. If a Research and Travel Grant is awarded it will be paid to the individual.
  • We may support international sculpture in Britain and abroad.
  • Applications should be filed online.
  • The Grants Committee does not offer feedback on applications.
  • Project start dates should be six months after the application deadlines.
  • The Foundation does not provide revenue expenditure.
  • No grant (or part of any grant) may be used to pay any fee or to provide any other benefit to any individual who is a Trustee of The Henry Moore Foundation. Please advise whether it is envisaged that any Trustee will have an interest in the project in respect of which a grant is sought.

For more information please visit: http://www.henry-moore.org/grants/how-to-apply

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