Women engineers and scientists – or lack of them – has been making the news recently

Perhaps the most noticeable – the advert for EDF, which said:

‘My old school taught me that girls don’t do science.’

Nicky Rousseau works at Sizewell B. and now does outreach work to encourage girls into science…. (See Evening Standard 4/12/2014 p34 or City AM 1/12/2014 p9)

Then there has been a survey into the financial hurdles that prevent women returning to STEMM which suggested that over 52% of responders (over 5000 in total) felt childcare costs were the biggest barrier to returning to work.

The survey was run jointly by the Women’s Engineering Society, Women in Manufacturing Prospect trade union and a government body Talent Resolution Solution

Women’s hour on BBC 4 also has several bits:

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