Turkey participates in Horizon 2020

Horizon2020Turkey has become the third non-EU country to be associated to Horizon 2020, following previously concluded agreements reached with Iceland and Norway in May 2014.

The Association Agreement gives legal entities in Turkey the right to participate in Horizon 2020 actions and receive funding on an equal basis with those based in EU countries.

Turkey has been associated to EU research framework programmes since 2003. Under the FP7, around 1000 participations from Turkish public and private institutions in some 950 projects received almost EUR 200 million in EU funding.

The EU is also in the process of concluding association agreements with enlargement countries from the Western Balkans and other neighbouring countries. It is currently negotiating further association agreements with Israel, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova and the Faroe Islands. Armenia and Ukraine expressed their interest in becoming associated to the programme and further information about their potential participation will be provided later in the year.

Negotiations with Switzerland are still on hold, while details of national funding provided to cover Swiss participations in Horizon 2020 actions are to emerge this month.

To read the full press release, click HERE.

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