BBC callout for diverse experts

The BBC has launched the 50:50 Equality Project, a BBC-wide initiative to improve their representation of under-served audiences and feature more diverse voices.

As part of this, they are looking to improve their database of contacts from different backgrounds so that when a story breaks they are able to get in touch with right people with the expertise and experience to help explain it to audiences.

The project started as an initiative to improve the BBC’s representation of women across news output, and they are now expanding the database. They want to hear from experts in their field who also happen to be disabled, women or from different ethnic backgrounds.

If you come from an under-represented group and are interested in signing up to the database, you can find out more about the project here:

Due to GDPR consent, individuals need to submit their own details to the database. Anyone who signs up to the database could be contacted by any content-making part of the BBC – people are free to agree to or decline any requests they receive on a case-by-case basis.

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