Interdisciplinary Partnerships in Horizon 2020 – Showcasing Event

UKRI, through the UK National Contact Point for Embedding Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), is organising an event showcasing the best of UK-EU SSH partnerships across Horizon 2020.

The event will take place online on 20 November (9:30-12:00 UK time) and registration is now open.

Social science, arts and humanities researchers lead and make key contributions to many collaborative H2020 projects. This event aims to showcase some of the partnerships built, maintained and expanded across disciplines and across countries through H2020 funding, and to consider barriers and benefits of interdisciplinary working, including the increased scope for impact.

A diverse set of case studies will present their perspectives on interdisciplinary partnerships within Horizon 2020 and discuss some key questions and challenges of interdisciplinary partnerships in a roundtable session moderated by UKRI.

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