Vitae – Survey of researchers’ perceptions of incentives and disincentives in the research system on research integrity

Vitae in partnership with UKRIO have been commissioned by Research England, on behalf of UKRI to undertake a research integrity landscape study.

The project will consider the effects of incentives (drivers and motivators) in the research system on researcher behaviour in the context of research integrity, how these incentives are perceived by different stakeholders and the impact of these incentives on researcher behaviour and organisational practices more broadly.

The survey is open for responses from individuals and organisations connected to the UK research ecosystem, including all individuals who support research or researchers in the UK. We are looking for researchers at all career stages (including PhD candidates) and in all disciplines, who are based in the UK, to participate in the survey.

The survey can be accessed here:

It closes on Wednesday 6 November.

In light of growing interest in improving research culture, this study will uncover how research integrity is supported and enhanced within the UK research landscape, as well as how it could be better supported.

Further information is available here

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