Wellcome Trust: Funding to boost global research capacity in humanities and social science

The Wellcome Trust are launching two new calls to fund international exchange networks and infrastructure costs for humanities and social science researchers around the world.

International Exchange Awards

These awards will be made to groups of researchers based in at least two different countries. They are designed to encourage radical and innovative research agendas through the exchange of knowledge, people and resources.

We want to create cohorts of HSS researchers with in-depth experience of conducting research – and teaching – outside their home country. 

Research Development Awards

These awards are likely to be made to groups of researchers in a single organisation or region. We want emerging and established clusters of HSS research excellence to have access to a reliable source of infrastructure funding so they can concentrate on building research agendas and developing careers.

Both the International Exchange and Research Development awards will be open to eligible institutions based anywhere in the world.

The two new awards will launch in July 2019 and full details will be available then.

Deadlines for expressions of interest will be in spring 2020. Awards are likely to be made in early 2021. 

We anticipate that funding for research proposals for established researchers will return in the academic year 2021/22. 

To see other opportunities available with the Wellcome Trust click here

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