Invitation To Tender: Testing the impact of language on public attitudes to ageing

This research will generate high-quality evidence on public attitudes to ageing and demographic change. The findings should present a clear understanding of what framing, depictions and terminologies are used and encountered by people in day to day life and explore how this affects their own attitudes and actions. It should help us to formulate practical recommendations and guidelines for how both we and our stakeholders, the public and society can better talk about ageing to create a more positive narrative.

The successful bidder must present an approach which is not just about language (e.g. ‘older person’ versus ‘senior citizen’) but also gives a deeper understanding of what works in terms of communicating more effectively about ageing in the UK.

The contract will commence in April 2019 and run until August 2019 and we are looking for bids in the range of £62,500 to £83,333.The deadline for clarifications is 28 March 2019.

Further Information :

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