27 February 2019, Docklands campus

Grantcraft GCRF Workshop for CPS        

Date: 27th February 2019, 2-4 pm

Location: Knowledge Dock Room KD 2.22

The workshop is open to ALL colleagues at CPS who are planning to submit a proposal to the 2019 UKRI GCRF calls including academics seeking to share best practice and outcomes of their current research in developing countries.

We will aim to start shaping your ideas into proposals aimed at a specific GCRF call and build upon existing partnerships and current research in developing countries to bid for larger GCRF grants.

The workshop will include a presentation of current research carried out in India by Dr. Meera Tiwari and an overview of available funding opportunities by Lucy Kender who has already supported several UEL academics to develop GCRF grant applications.

Places are limited to a maximum group size of 15 so please book ahead using this link: https://uel.libcal.com/event/3378569

Please contact Carmen Ungureanu (c.ungureanu@uel.ac.uk) for further details about the workshop.

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