Date: 14th January 2019

Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm

Location: UEL Stratford Campus, Water Lane, UH 3.11

Research Professional are an organisation that provide a comprehensive, easy to use, online database of funding opportunities covering all disciplines that allow researchers to search for potential funding from organisations all over the world. The platform is renowned for for its coverage, accuracy, relevance and reliability in staying up to date with current opportunities. The university holds a license with Research Professional for all members of its academic staff to help them readily access and discover all of the research funding opportunities available to them at their convenience.

As such, a representative from Research Professional will be visiting the University of East London to introduce the system to users on Monday 14th  January 2019 at the Water Lane, Stratford Campus at 10.00am. The session is expected to last around two hours.  If you are a UEL academic intending to submit any external research funding bids then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to navigate the system. The representative will be able to show you:

  • How to optimise searches to give you the best chance of matching with funds that suit your area(s) of research
  • How to set up automatic email bulletins  with details of the funders that are relevant to you so you do not have to repeat searches
  • How to navigate other areas of the website that provide a continuous feed of news and information that affect the wider funding landscape

From previous training sessions we have have had some very positive testimonials on the software such as:

‘I have already found 3 funds which suit my area of research, wish we could have had this sooner’

‘User friendly, email alerts are accurate, options for ECRs available, various options for funding (from small to large grants, from conference attendance and workshops for ECRs to grants for research projects).’

‘I find the HE policy and news that RP provides invaluable.  There is no other forum, at present, that provides the depth of analysis of the HE environment and collates all relevant news and events.’

To book your place at this training session please use the following link: 

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