UK-German Funding Initiative in the Humanities


The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) hereby launch a competitive call for proposals with a view to bringing together arts and humanities researchers in the UK and humanities (including law and linguistics) researchers in Germany to conduct outstanding joint UK-German research projects.

Both funding agencies are aware that some of the best research can only be achieved by working with the best researchers internationally. Accordingly, they wish to fund academic research of the highest quality within their own countries, to strengthen and deepen cooperation between their two countries in the relevant fields, and to contribute to the growth of a transnational collaborative research culture in the UK and Germany.

The scheme will provide funding for integrated UK-German projects. The partner agencies will organize a coordinated peer review and a single joint selection process. Funding will be distributed among the research partners according to the researchers’ place of work and, in general, according to the funding rules of each individual agency.

The call is open to applications addressing any research topic where there is significant potential to advance knowledge through collaborative research bringing together arts and humanities researchers in the UK and humanities (including law and linguistics) researchers in Germany.

Awards will normally be for, and in any case will not exceed, a period of three years. On the UK side awards will be for up to a total of £350,000 (fEC). Projects do not have to be symmetrical, in the sense that neither the sums requested nor the items requested have to be identical on the UK and German sides, but there should not be large discrepancies – we would expect the work packages to be delivered reasonably equally.

Closing Dates

Closing Date: 20/02/2019

Deadline for this call for proposals: 20 February 2019 at midnight CET.

For further information please visit:

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