IMI2 Update – Calls 15 and 16 Information Webinars Now Online

As previously published the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2) Calls 15 and 16 were launched on 18 July 2018 and a series of webinars were held between 4 July and 23 July inclusive.

The webinars are now available online and you can either download the presentations or watch the webinar itself (~1hr20min). At the end of each webinar there is short Q&A session. The webinars are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Call topics, as well as the funding rules, intellectual property policy and tips on the preparation of proposal submissions. Each presentations starts with a short overview of the IMI, the evaluations criteria and tips of writing a successful application. There is also a dedicated webinar for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The webinars include the following topics and can be accessed on the IMI2 Call 15 and 16 Webinar pages along with the presentations and a list of the participants.

  • IMI rules & procedures;
  • Opportunities for SMEs in IMI2 – Calls 15 and 16;
  • Development and validation of translational platforms in support of synaptopathy drug discovery;
  • Integrated Research Platforms enabling Patient-Centric Drug Development;
  • AMR Accelerator programme – Pillar C (IMI2 – Call 16): Microenvironment imposed signatures in tissue and liquid biopsies in immune mediated disease;
  • Emerging translational safety technologies and tools for interrogating human immuno-biology;
  • AMR Accelerator programme – Pillar A (Call 15): and Pillar B (Call 15);
  • Block chain enabled healthcare; and
  • Digital endpoints in neurodegenerative and immune-mediated diseases


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