UEL Psychology Seminar Series – Monday 6th November 2017 – Addiction and relapse: considering innovative intervention approaches for relapse to tobacco smoking in high risk populations

UEL Psychology Seminar Series

Date: Monday 6th November 2017

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Venue: University House, Room 2.41

Addiction and relapse: considering innovative intervention approaches for relapse to tobacco smoking in high risk populations

Dr. Caitlin Notley, University of East Anglia

Session Chair: Dr. John Turner


In recent years the UK has seemed a marked decline in prevalence of tobacco smoking. However, relapse back to tobacco smoking is very common, with up to 75% of recent quitters returning to regular smoking by 12 months. Most smokers attempt to quit many times before finally succeeding. Despite declines at a population level, smoking prevalence and relapse are far greater problems within certain populations. For example, post-partum women have a higher than average risk of relapse to smoking, and those with diagnosed mental health conditions are much more likely to smoke, and much less likely to attempt to quit. For these particularly at risk populations there is a need to consider innovative approaches to both smoking cessation and relapse prevention. This talk will discuss and describe the development of complex tobacco smoking cessation and relapse prevention interventions for high risk groups, considering the specific needs of postpartum women and mentally unwell populations, and considering novel interventions such as support to use e cigarettes as a substitution option for tobacco smoking.


Dr Notley is a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health, and a Research Fellow of the UK Society for the Study of Addiction. She has 17 years experience in the field of Addiction research. Her current research focus is on tobacco smoking relapse prevention, particularly development of complex interventions to support women to stay abstinent from smoking postpartum. Dr Notley’s research interest in alternative nicotine delivery devices primarily explores social and culturally pertinent aspects of vaping, with a particular focus on the public health potential of vaping for smoking relapse prevention.

All staff and students are welcome. There is no need to rsvp.

We will also try to record the talk (if the presenter gives us permission) and it will be available on Moodle on the Psychology noticeboard. Here’s a link to previous talks and where this talk will be:


For any queries about the recording, please follow up with our Chief Technician, Kevin Head.



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