Wellcome Trust Small Grants in Humanities and Social Science

The Wellcome Trust is an independent charity that funds biomedical research to improve human and animal health and activities to increase the public understanding of science. It is the UK’s largest provider of non-governmental funding for scientific research and one of the largest providers in the world.

The Trust’s Small Grants in Humanities and Social Science are designed to support programmes of activities that enable researchers to establish and develop networks, explore new areas of research and increase the impact of their work. Programmes could include a combination of different activities such as:

  • Organising conferences (including annual conferences), seminars, meetings or workshops.
  • Carrying out developmental or exploratory research projects, including archival scoping or proof of concept work.

Activities can involve policy makers, healthcare practitioners or other groups relevant to the research.

The scheme is open to humanities and social science researchers based in universities or other research organisations in the UK, Ireland or a low- or middle-income country.

Grants are usually up to £30,000. They usually last for six to twelve months but the duration can be flexible, eg for a series of annual conferences.

Applicants should submit an application through the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker system. There are no deadlines and applications can be made at any time.

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