EU 2017 Work Programme for Societal Challenge Six

An upated version of the 2017 Work Programme for Societal Challenge Six has now been published by the European Commission, and can be found at:

The main revisions to the Work Programme include:

  • Five new topics for research on migration:
    • REV-INEQUAL-11-2017: ‘Current European and Cross-national Comparative Research and Research Actions on Migration’
    • REV-INEQUAL-12-2017: ‘Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum’
    • REV-INEQUAL-13-2017: ‘Research on Employability, Skills and Labour Market Integration of Migrants’
    • ENG-GLOBALLY-10-2017: ‘Migration and Asylum Systems’
    • CULT-COOP-12-2017: ‘The Significance of Cultural and Core Values for the Migration Challenge’
  • CO-CREATION-02-2016 and CO-CREATION-03-2016, both of which originally closed in February 2016, have been reopened due to technical issues with the calls, and will now close on 15th November 2016
  • Many of the 2017 topics under the CULT-COOP Call are now two-stage topics, with the first stage deadline the 2nd February, further details about which topics are affected can be found on p.109 of the revised Work Programme.


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