Paul Hamlyn Foundation Announces New Grants Strategy for UK

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has reopened after nearly eight months with a new grant-making strategy which will run from 2015 to 2021.

After a period of consultation, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, one of the UK’s largest independent grant-making foundations, has launched a new strategy which focuses on six new priorities relating to the changes it wishes to see in the UK.

To support its new strategy, the Foundation will be making £25 million a year available in grant funding to not-for-profit organisations in the UK who have great ideas that will support the new priorities.

The priorities are:

  • Supporting imaginative people to nurture exciting ideas.
  • Widening access and participation in the arts.
  • Improving people’s education and learning through the arts.
  • Showing that the arts make a difference to people’s lives.
  • Supporting the development and growth of organisations investing in young people and positive change.
  • Improving support for young people who migrate, and strengthen integration so that communities can live well together.

The Foundation has created new grant funds that will support the priorities, some of which are opening this week and others which will open later in the year. These include:

  • Shared Ground Fund
  • Youth Fund
  • Access and Participation Fund
  • Ideas and Pioneers Fund
  • Arts-based Learning Fund
  • Teacher Development Fund

Find out more here

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