UEL celebrates International Women’s Day

UEL IWD purple screen

International Women’s Day was on Sunday 8th March. UEL celebrated in a number of ways across our schools and departments.

On Thursday 5th March, we held two events:

  • A Lunchtime Debate hosted by Dr Sharon Cahill (School of Psychology) and Prof Olivia Corcoran (School of Health Sport and Biosciences) that focused on ‘How can women plan and take control of their career progression?’.If you weren’t able to attend, you can still watch the footage of the event:
  • An Evening Networking Event hosted jointly by Athena SWAN and Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurs. (CEWE): ‘Women in Science and Entrepreneurship – Making it Happen!’ IWD Evening Photo 1The theme of International Women’s Day this year was ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN!’ which is particularly relevant for entrepreneurial women.

Both events were well attended and feedback was very positive. IWD Evening Photo 2Thank you again to all those who contributed!

UEL’s Feminist Research Group also hosted a number of events week commencing 9th March to celebrate on ‘Gender and Greek Cinema’ and ‘New British Feminism, UK Feminista and Young Women’s Activism’.

UEL Library organised displays of books by women authors at each of its branches in celebration of International Women’s Day. IWD library

And finally, UEL ‘Painted it Purple’ on our plasma screens around campus.

Gender equality is important to UEL as demonstrated by the University’s commitment to addressing gender inequalities in its new corporate plan and research strategy. UEL recently submitted an application for Athena SWAN charter mark (which focuses on STEM subjects) and will be working on the Gender Equality Mark (which focuses on non-STEM subjects and services). At UEL, different issues of gender equality are relevant to different Schools and Services. For some, a goal might be to recruit more women into senior roles as a way to remedy the lack of female role models who will inspire younger women to pursue academic careers. For others, it might be to work on embedding a gender equality culture more broadly. The work being done by Athena SWAN aims to address gender equality issues that affect everyone. We believe change and progress benefits all, regardless of gender or discipline.

Further Information / Events?

Athena SWAN have a programme of scheduled events view them on our webpage or blog.

You can also find further information on UEL’s Feminist Research group webpage and CEWE’s webpage.

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