Gender Equality Survey – How are we doing at UEL? / WISE Campaign membership

Gender Equality at UEL – how are we doing?      survey image

Please spend 10 minutes to complete our Gender Equality Survey.

Linked to the Athena SWAN scheme which aims to support and encourage universities to work towards gender equality within STEMM (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine).

To improve gender equality at UEL, the aim of the survey is to consult on:

  • current experience of participation and progression at UEL and what, if any, improvements may be needed;
  • setting up a mentoring scheme and networking groups which support gender equality.

Here is a link to our survey:

WISE Campaign membership        WISE Logo

UEL has recently become a member of the WISE  (Women in to Science and Engineering) campaign. The WISE campaign’s mission is to increase the gender balance in the UK’s STEM workforce, pushing the presence of female employees from 13% as it stands now, to 30% by 2020. They help organisations to build and sustain the pipeline of female talent in STEM from classroom to boardroom, boosting the talent pool to drive economic growth.

For more information take a look at their website. Individuals can also become members – membership is free – for staff and students.

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