Update: Swiss Participation in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Euresearch, the Swiss Guide to European research & innovation, has published a useful update on Swiss participation in MSC actions.

Euresearch, the Swiss federal government’s guide to EU R&D, published an update on Swiss participation as a (Switzerland as a third country) in Marie Curie Actions.

The update explains practical effects of Switzerland status as a third country for MSCA application purposes. For Innovative Training Networks (ITN’s), EuResearch recommends that Swiss organisations participate in MSCA as partner organisations (without EU funding) rather than as beneficiaries. Switzerland will fund Early Stage Researchers of successful projects. In this case, Part B of the MSCA application must include description of activities including recruitment.

EU funding for Swiss organisations, as for any other Third Countries, will be only granted in exceptional cases and consortia are advised not to count on EU funding.

As a backgrounder, Switzerland currently has the status of a developed third country in Horizon 2020 and Swiss participants no longer automatically qualify for EU funding from the programme due to an immigration vote early this year.  The negotiations on Swiss association to Horizon 202020 are on hold. As an interim measure, the Swiss federal government will provide successful applicants with Swiss national funding.

To access more details on this update, please CLICK HERE.

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