Success: £9K to review childcare and poverty

Dr Eva Lloyd from the Cass School of Education & Communities has been awarded just over £9K to conduct a review of the link between early childhood education and care and poverty.

Eva, an early childhood expert, is conducting the research on behalf of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation – a British charity which funds UK-wide social policy research in order to understand and overcome the root causes of social problems.

The ‘Childcare and Poverty’ review will explore the relationship between early childhood service quality, affordability and accessibility and poverty by examining the existing evidence on the impact of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) on poverty reduction and any effects of the global economic downturn.

Eva’s research will involve reviewing government reports, surveys and national and international empirical research in order to provide the JRF with recommendations for its anti-poverty strategies in relation to early childhood education and care.The review forms part of a series of reviews commissioned to feed into JRF’s programme of work on UK anti-poverty strategies:

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