News: Update from RCUK on peer-review feedback

Feedback of peer-review outcomes to Research Organisations
The Research Councils are taking steps to improve the transparency of peer-review decisions by feeding back information on outcomes to Research Organisation administrative offices as well as to applicants.
This feedback will consist of two elements: some form of written feedback on the peer-review outcome; and an indication of the relative position of the proposal in the priority order.
1. Written feedback
Councils will provide written feedback to the PI and RO in the form of either (i) reviewer comments or (ii) some form of consolidated comment.
Where possible, a consolidated comment will be provided, since this captures the overall peer-review outcome, taking account, for example, of the panel’s evaluation of the reviewer comments. Where consolidated comments are not available the reviewer comments will be provided.
The feedback of either consolidated comments or reviewer comments to research organisations will commence from 1 December 2013.
2. Relative position of proposals
All Research Councils will upload to their web-sites information showing the position of each proposal in the rank order list, and/or its score or score range, together with an indication of the funding cut-off point.
The information will be uploaded to the respective Council website within one month of decisions on a call being finalised. The information will be available on the website for at least one year.
This approach will be implemented for all calls completing from 1 November onwards.

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