Success: Chandra Sriram receives British Academy Award

The University is happy to announce the award of a British Academy International Placement Scheme grant to Chandra Sriram, Professor of International Law and International Relations Co-Director of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict.

Following contested presidential elections in 2007, Kenya experienced a wave of violence, both premeditated and spontaneous, which resulted in international mediation and a power-sharing political settlement, as well as the eventual involvement of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The attention of both scholars and policymakers has focused upon how the ICC can promote accountability in Kenya, through the encouragement of local prosecutions or the transmission of key norms. However, relatively little attention has been paid to date to the role of Kenyan civil society actors in promoting accountability themselves, and the ways in which they have sought to strategically utilize ICC scrutiny to pursue their goals. This pilot research project will engage expert civil society members in Kenya and scholars in the UK with the aim of developing initial hypotheses and limited findings regarding civil society strategies, with the intent of building a larger-scale research project.

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