EU Information in the UK


This event will bring together existing EU information networks such as the Enterprise Europe Network and the Europe Direct Information Centres with a number of organisations and groups and UK government departments that are involved in delivering information in the UK about EU activities and programmes.

“Getting to know your way round the Europa website” will be delivered by Valerie Asselberghs of the Europa team. It will be an introductory session to the main pages of the Europa website, the main source of much EU information. If you have questions about specific sections (e.g. TED for tenders, Eur-Lex for legislation, Rapid for press materials)  please submit these in advance so that full answers can be provided on the day.

“Sources of EU funding for the UK” will be delivered by Carolina Fernandes of the London Enterprise Europe Network. It will look at some of the various sources of funding that are available to UK businesses and organisations, and is to help you provide a “one-stop shop” service to people that may contact you, but aren’t your core clientele.

“Working together to improve information” will be delivered by Antonia Mochan from the European Commission Representation. This will identify the number of different networks involved in EU information, consider ways for them to link with each other, and highlight how the Representation can help.

The event will start at 10am and will run until 5pm. Access is free, but they do need you to register in advance.

Register here:

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