Success: Peter Morey and John Preston receive £50k uplifts on their ESRC grants

We are delighted to announce that both Peter Morey and John Preston have recently applied for and received £50k uplifts on their ESRC grants for the purpose of generating more impact.

Professor Morey’s funding is for his RCUK Global Uncertainties project on Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue. This additional money will allow him to work with the internationally renowned academic and diplomat Professor Akbar S. Ahmed on a book and film entitled ‘Journey into Britain’. This will follow on from Professor Ahmed’s recent successful ‘Journey into America’ project and will take a similar shape: involving a team of researchers visiting Muslim groups and communities across the British Isles, examining their conditions, the issues that are important to them and considering how intercultural understanding operates and how it can be improved and dialogue facilitated. This focus, on the question of cross-community trust, is central to the Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue project more broadly and ‘Journey into Britain’ will now take its place alongside the tranche of other events, academic and non-academic, through which these matters are explored.

Professor Preston’s uplift from the ESRC is for his RCUK Global Uncertainties leadership project on ‘Critical infrastructure protection and mass population response: a comparative approach’.  This funding will enable John to organise additional meetings with academics and researchers in Japan, Germany, US and New Zealand on top of the meetings organised in the UK.  It also allows funds to develop an interactive web resource and resources for schools in each of these countries.

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